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Jay is 27. For one more day. And she reckons she's about to die. It's not all that rational, but whoever let that get in the way of a premature death fantasy?


Written and performed by Ashleigh Laurence (Soho Writers' Lab 2018/19), Tumours is a witty, tender, and darkly funny portrayal of a young woman trapped by the fate of her genetic legacy.


Part stand-up, part anecdotes, the show explores themes of femininity, stablefamily privilege, and the importance of role models (and what happens without them).

Featuring music from the 27 Club, a massive whack of northern humour, a bit of stand-up, and a lot of heart, Tumours is a brand new, one-woman, feminist, dark-comedy show. 

It’s a tender and darkly-comic portrayal of a young woman, Jay, grappling with the reality of her family’s cancerous genepool whilst considering what in her life may have led her to feel a little bit too comfortable with the idea of dying before she turns 28.  

It’s a very real - and sometimes surreal - depiction of what can happen to the way a woman views herself after experiencing a turbulent home life, bereavement, constant objectification, icky interactions, unhelpful parenting and abuse of trust from those who should know better.  

It’s a story that looks at the paradoxical nature of the female reproductive system, how all at once it can be an area that gives us so much pleasure and simultaneously so much pain; how it can produce life yet be the cause of some of the most untimely of deaths.  

This is a love song to women, to Sheffield and most importantly - at least to our protagonist, Jay - a love song to the music of the 27 Club.